Do You Hate Splattered Counter Tops?

Posted by Diane Aase on

Here is the answer to spattered counter tops!


This durable silicone spatter guard saves you so much time during clean up whenever you bake or need to mix other ingredients for meal prep.  

It will fit over most bowl sizes and most skillets as well.  Have a bubbling tomato sauce that splashes all over your stove? The silicone guard is heat resistant so you can cover the skillet while cooking and stir whenever you need to without making a big mess on the stove.  

When you are baking, cover the mixing bowl and insert the beaters of the mixer through the opening and turn up the speed.  All the splashes collect on the guard, Not on the counter, walls or floor.


The next wonderful feature is that the guard is dishwasher safe, won't warp or get cloudy from the strong detergent.  Then it stores either by laying flat or standing on edge in your cupboard or pantry.

I know there are kitchen hacks out there that show using a paper plate as a guard by poking the beaters through the holes in the plate and using that instead of buying the silicone guard.  The plate doesn't let you see the ingredients you are mixing so you can tell if you have mixed it thoroughly, then you throw the plate in the garbage or recycling which then adds to the landfill or mucks up the recycling machine. 

The silicone guard is durable, safe, dishwaher safe, heat resistant, stores nicely, is inexpensive and will pay for itself in no time. 

So, don't spend extra time cleaning up after cooking splashes, avoid them with the silicone mixer guard and make baking and meal prep that much easier! 

Buy yours today! 

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