Plastic Wrap Be Gone!

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Do you hate plastic wrap? 😝

It sticks to itself making it hard to stretch over the container you want to cover.  It collects moisture and when you take it off the bowl there is water on the counter or floor and the plastic is limp and unusable. 

Now there is an answer to this problem! 😄

 Silicone covers fit all sizes of containers, are dishwasher safe and keep food fresh longer than plastic wrap. No more fighting to get the plastic wrap off the roll and on to the bowl.  And using silicone covers keeps plastic out of the trash.  

But more about silicone covers: 

  • safe- food grade silicone does not leach chemicals, won't harm food
  • super elastic- expands to cover any container then contracts to create a tight hold, no spilling, or dripping
  • durable- can be reused again and again
  • dishwasher safe- toss into the dishwasher to clean 
  • temperature resistant- good for hot as well as cold foods
  • saves money- food is fresher so it's eaten instead of thrown away

More about plastic wrap:

No plastic bags or wrap are recyclable in your regular recycling but should be kept with the plastic grocery bags and other plastic bags to be taken to Target, Walmart or grocery stores to be recycled.  Those places have a bin at the front of the store entrance where you can place the plastic bags and wrap. That way they go to the recycling operation that specifically handles that type of plastic.  I put all the plastic bags and wrap in a separate bag and take it with me when I go to Target or my regular grocery store and stuff it in the bin at the entrance. 

Another thing you need to know is that wet or food soiled wrap cannot be recycled because it mucks up the equipment.  How much of the used plastic wrap is not wet or covered with food?  Not much! 

So, now you can see why silicone bowl covers are an excellent answer to the recycling problem and helps you eliminate using plastic wrap at all!


This is an excellent product for your kitchen.  And one you will use daily and with no worries about wasting food. 👍 

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