Meatless Meals Can Be Good!

Posted by Diane Aase on

My husband and I were eating dinner the other night and he said he just does not like meat as much as he used to and that he would like to try some meatless meals once in a while.  He didn't shout "Let's Go Vegetarian!" thank goodness, but I agree, we don't have to have meat for every meal.  

We are empty nesters so we don't have to worry about what the kids will or will not eat.  We are also midwesterners so we love meat, potatoes, fresh produce and good bread.  We also like milk, ice cream, cheese and all dairy products and we don't have any wonky allergies so we're good to go!  

The next step was to do some research on the web to see how hard this would be.  Wow! There are tons of meatless meal recipes and I was immediately overwhelmed.  But, there are recipes with potatoes, cheese and dairy products so I'm sure we will feel satisfied with those meals.  

Now, I know that just taking the meat out of the meal is not the right way to do this and there needs to be a plan for replacing the protein source with plant based foods that are as rich in protein as meat.  More research to do!

I found there are plenty of sources of protein out there, nuts, oats, seeds, tofu, cheese, milk, soy products, lentils, beans, rice, wild rice, potatoes, chickpeas, quinoa, dark green leafy vegetables like kale and broccoli.  Eating rice and beans together makes for a complete protein rather than a low protein source.  I won't go into all the details about protein replacement and vegan and vegetarian eating because there are a gazillion articles by the experts online for everyone to read. Besides we are not going totally meatless, just cutting down on the amount of meat we eat.  

I noticed that the utensils used to make these meals rely on casserole dishes, large salad and mixing bowls and a nonstick skillet, nonstick pan or an electric cooker like an Instant Pot.  So, if you need to upgrade your utensils or add something to your cooking pans, just check out utensils and cookware for the items you may need.  I love my Instant Pot for cooking rice and other grains. 

Here are a couple of recipes that I want to try:

So, it looks like I'm set to start the trial of meatlessness.  Wish me luck!

I hope you have enjoyed this blog and are inspired to try cutting back on meat in your meal plans.  It will be healthier and maybe you'll find you like it too!  

I'll let you know how it goes for us but I'm pretty excited to try.  

Happy cooking!

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