The Faster Way To Chop Vegetables

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If chopping vegetables for salads, soups, stir fry, or any other dish you prepare is not your favorite task, take a look at this!👇

😀Here is the perfect slicer, dicer for vegetables and fruit!


👍It's hand held and easy to squeeze and cut in just seconds! You can even hold it over pot or skillet and let the veggies fall directly into the cooking utensil.  Use the attachable container to store chopped, diced or sliced veggies and fruit. 👍 
  • Easy to clean, dishwasher safe.
  • Works up to 10x faster than using your old knives.
  • Snap-on perfect portion container with the fresh-keeping lid.
  • Combines five interchangeable slicing options into one handheld slicer, the quick-lock function for safe, compact storage.
This is truly a time saving tool every one should have in their kitchen. The blades are really sharp and I would advise that you be careful handling them when you change from one to another so you don't cut your fingers.  It's easy to do and I have done it myself.  All of the pieces snap easily into place and every piece is dishwasher safe. 
Just a quick rinse under running water before it goes into the dishwasher will remove the larger pieces of food still stuck on the blades. 
There is one caution, and that is if you are dicing a particularly hard piece of fruit or vegetable, like a carrot or large apple, just cut the chunks a little smaller so they go through the dicer without damage to the blades.  I bent a blade with my garlic slicer because I used a whole clove instead of cutting the clove into two or three pieces for dicing. 
You can catch the diced chunks in the plastic container or you can remove the container and dice or slice right into the cooking pot or pan or onto a plate if you like.  This is also a great tool for fixing lunches to take to the office or for the kids to take to school.  Just slice or dice right into the lunchbox containers and it's ready to go.  Replace chips with veggies or fruit and it's a much healthier lunch as well.  

😅This tool is just calling your name!  It's saying "let me do the work for you". 😅

Click here now!  and get yours today.  

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