4Pcs Set Extra Thick Flexible Plastic Cutting Board

4Pcs Set Extra Thick Flexible Plastic Cutting Board


 👍 Keep your kitchen clean and safe with these separate chopping mats for fish, poultry, beef and vegetables.👍 

 😲 Cutting boards can harbor bacteria from different foods like chicken, beef, raw vegetables and fruits and fish.😲 

By using separate boards for each category and cleaning them after each use, you will be keeping your family safe from food borne bacteria and other germs. 

  😁These boards are plastic and flexible and easy to use.  Just wash them in the dishwasher or with hot, soapy water and they are ready for daily use.  They have a non-slip back so they stay in place while you work. Easy to store by standing them on edge and sliding into your cupboard or pantry.😁 

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